We take this opportunity to Introduce our Company M/S Lotus Veneers Pvt. Ltd. as provider of various types of products for interior designing.

M/s. Lotus Veneers Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1993 as partnership firm and converted in Private Limited company in 1997. Company is engaged in importing and distributing various wood based products and in India exclusively represents M/s. HUME MASTERPANEL® PVT LTD (Australia) for their HDF Moulded Door Skins.

Company has marketing net-work throughout India. Which is supported by the Storage facility of 10,000 Sq.Feet. which ensures availability of large stock of all items round the year. This helps customer to source their requirement at very short notice.

  • Moulded Door Skin :
  • This is produced from HDF (High Density Fiberboard) by molding it at high temperature.
    → White Primer
    → Veneered
    → Melamine (with and without textured)

  • Natural Woven Wood Veneer Laminates :
  • This is unique and a class-a-part product for wall paneling, furniture and interior purpose. This is produced by weaving of natural wood veneers and has a HPL Backing.

  • OSB Superb :
  • This board is a Green Product and a perfect replacement for traditional plywood. This board is produced by state of the art plant having latest technology.

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane :
  • This is unique waterproofing material with self adhesive property. Having aluminum foil on the top, this will help reduce heat inside the area of application.

  • Polythene and Polypropylene Polymer Compound Waterproof Membrane :
  • This is a product for waterproofing of terrace/ Internal parts of flats and offices, industrial, commercial premises etc.

  • Stone Veneers :
  • This is a veneer produced with special technology from natural stone. This can be used for decoration purpose of Interior & ExteriorWalls.

  • FAB Glass :
  • This are Glass Fabric produced from melting glass at very high temperature and then converting it in fiber. This glass fiber is weaved into a fabric. The following are its innovative features.
    → Green Material
    → Class A Fire Retardant Material
    → Protection against cracking of walls
    → Bacteria Resistant
    → Paintable
    → Washable
    → Water resistant
    → Acoustic Property
    → Ornamental Effects
    → Easy & Fast to apply.

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